I had a good friend that asked me about some big chairs, that they use at weddings.

She said they are hard to find and it would be a good business to go into.  I told her I would look into it.

She was right, and in August 2019, I started THRONE CHAIR KINGS LLC. started with 6

throne chairs. From there we started doing events: weddings, birthdays, graduations, baby showers, retirement, and all kings.

From there I started to look for a manufacturer to start producing them. Found one in Indonesia and went into business with them handcrafted and shipped to the USA.

FOUR years later,  we are getting a 40 ft container shipped full of throne chairs, for you to enjoy in all your special events.

My name is Kevin Tyrone Wayman Sr.  and I'm the owner and operator of THRONE CHAIR KINGS LLC.

Throne Chairs For Sale


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